How to Clean Carpet Bonded Foam

Cleaning carpet-bonded foam is the battle for almost every gymnastics or cheer coach. See some recommendations below.

  • Here are some revised guidelines for maintaining the cleanliness of your carpet-bonded foam, particularly used in cheerleading:

    1. Minimizing Dirt Transfer:

      • Place doormat-style mats around the cheer floor. Encourage everyone to wipe their feet before stepping onto the cheer surface.
      • Prohibit the use of street shoes on the cheer surface. Designate specific shoes for use only on the cheer floor to keep it clean.
    2. Cleaning and Maintenance:

      • Utilize hot water extraction (steam cleaning) for effective maintenance of both the appearance and hygiene of the cheer surface.
      • Regularly vacuum the surface.
      • Avoid using soap in the hot water extraction process, as residual soap can make the floor sticky and attract more dirt.
      • The foam backing of the cheer floor doesn't absorb water like typical carpet pads, allowing for the use of more water. However, be cautious of water leaking through seams.
      • Thoroughly vacuum the water from the carpet and use fans to aid in drying. Be careful to prevent moisture from reaching the gym floor underneath.
    3. Sanitization Measures:

      • Consult with the athletic department for appropriate cleaning agents used for sanitizing equipment and surfaces.
      • A bleach solution (one part bleach to ten parts water) is recommended by health departments for germ killing and is safe for the carpet, but it can discolor Velcro tapes.
      • Remove Velcro tapes before cleaning with a bleach solution.
      • The bleach solution can be used alongside hot water extraction. An additional rinse might be needed to eliminate any bleach odor.
      • Be cautious as bleach can damage most fabrics it contacts.

    By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your cheer floor remains clean, hygienic, and in good condition.