Liteweight mats starting at $6,472*

Resilite is the only company to offer both Classic and LiteWeight Mats.

  • Classic Wrestling Mats are designed to be the longest-lasting and most durable mats available, and they meet the high demands of our customers with a variety of options and two complete wrestling surfaces.
  • Resilite’s LiteWeight Mats go above and beyond the dull, stiff surface used on other lightweight mats. Featuring our exclusive hot-sprayed, vinyl-coated surface, they have the same feel as our Classic Mats, and their bright look and durable finish last for years.
  • Zip Mats include the first and only interlocking connection system for a tape-free wrestling mat. Our innovative, patented connection technology makes set-up quick and simple and produces a resilient, long-lasting seal.
  • DigiPrint Mats create custom wrestling mats with DigiPrint for amazing quality & unlimited possibilities. Resilite’s exclusive printing technology allows you to create vibrant, dramatic custom wrestling mats using high-resolution, photo-realistic graphics and images.



* Price based on standard 38' x 38' LiteWeight Mat.